Why Us?


Our years of dedication to the different areas of Law and relations with governments have empowered us to completely cover the needs of our customers, whether natural or legal persons. A context where seriousness and commitment are our most important qualities. We always create a relationship of trust with the customer, that inspires peace and security.

We work so that our customers get the best defense of their interests, which often involves hard work of mediation. After years of work our attorneys have acquired these skills of empathy and knowledge in negotiation.

Attention to our customers is personalized and permanent, adapting (to the extent possible) to their availability, and efficiently resolving any questions that may arise during the proceedings or, once they have come to an end, relating to the interpretation of the agreements occurred.

We work with a system of personal appointment in order to offer exclusive service to our clients during meetings in the office. On the first date the customer is informed of possible solutions to his/her problem, including administrative or judicial proceedings. On this first visit you will also obtain the budget and payment method. The first visit is paid but later ones come under a closed budget, if proceeding to the contracting of our services. On the other hand, we have a video conference system that prevents unnecessary trips of our clients to the office.

Our customers have their online record.
As we prepare and present written documents in different courts or offices, as we make requirements or establish relationships with third parties who are interested, you will have in parallel all information through your email account, including all judicial and administrative notifications. So you can check your file at any time without having to physically move or inquire about it.