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International Logistics and Trading. Strategic Marketing for Companies

In recent years, the Spanish economy has achieved unprecedented growth in the process of internationalization of its Companies. For approximately two decades, Spanish Companies have significantly increased their foreign business volume under all forms of internationalization available, from simple export to productive investment in destination.

This openness to the markets abroad must be accompanied by the advice that gives the entrepreneur the necessary tools to be able to operate in these markets in a safe way. In this process the concept of international sale is key and in internationalization we will find a multiplicity of contracts and legal practices to which we must adapt in each market.

The traditional figure of the lawyer as advisor has evolved in the same way, becoming not only a legal referent but a multidisciplinary corporate consultant of great importance in the business environment. Consultations carried out by clients in relation to International Markets are more and more common as a logical consequence of the process of global expansion to these markets.

From a simple contract of sale to a contract of transfer of technology, franchise or joint venture, there is a requirement for a specialization required by the figure of legal counsellor.

In order to respond to this new situation, the traditional activities of the lawyer / advisor must be expanded with new areas in order to meet the needs of their clients.

  • Market studies.
  • Organization of brand surveys and product tests.
  • Search and Listings of agents, clients, suppliers in foreign markets.
  • Market selection: Market semaphores.
  • Analysis of business opening costs abroad.
  • Localization and management of subsidies and supports to Internationalization.
  • Consultations on quotas.
  • Consultations on tariffs, VAT, etc.
  • Information on International documentation.
  • Location and management of customs warehouses and free zones.
  • Drafting and consulting in International contracts: sale, agency, distribution, franchise, etc.

The Importance of Protecting Your Brand

descargaIn the era of the audiovisual society, the Brand – understood in a classic way as a commercial name – as well as the wrapping or ancillary elements with which we want to present our products, is of paramount importance. It will make the difference between whether or not you exist in the world of commerce and business.

The protection of these distinctive signs becomes fundamental when there are such a number of designs and names coexisting in the market and the network. We can not invest and outline ourselves with our logo and identifying elements so that our credit ends up being of others, just because of a globalized world.

images-1In this firm you will find not only the advice, but also the right administrative management, so that your Brand is present in different countries in an environment of legal security that allows you to operate without litigation or undesirable and fraudulent competition.